District 201N5, New South Wales, Australia

About Us


President  Mark Fox               

Vice President     Rosalie James

Secretary  Graham Moors   0425 131 482      9311 4630

Treasurer John White      0431 213 381

Membership Officer & Bulletin Editor  Lainie White    0431 213 381




Lions Clubs are part of community life, in the cities and in the country.   Lions Clubs are easily identified by their distinctive Logo, the trademark of our International Association, and the  We Serve  motto.


Lions Australia is part of an international association, filled with people who are joined by the common desire to make their communities better, by using their creativity, enthusiasm and energy.

Membership is open to all people of the community in good standing



We raise money for our projects by the manning of barbecues, selling raffle tickets and our annual Trivia Night.  ALL monies raised go towards the project    there is no monies kept by the club for administration costs or such.  

What do we get out of it?   When you see the appreciative smile from a child, presented with a Hart Walker, who has never been able to stand up straight unaided, or Bradleys bike   when we were able to purchase a special bicycle for an autistic child.  These are just a couple of instances where Lions has been able to help.

One of the first things you will notice when you meet many Lions is that they are often quiet about their achievements – this is why we are such a well-kept secret.  It also means you might be wondering about what it means to be a Lion.  Of course you can ask your local club members, but we know that sometimes you want to quietly review things before taking that first step. 

How much time is involved?

Lions is a  Community Service  organisation.  One of our mottos is that we  make things happen .  Local achievements are always satisfying and that’s why we volunteer.

This means that we DO want our members to participate in meetings and their fair share of community service activities. Lions say that family comes first, then work, and then the Lions Club.  Of course you need to think about your capacity to participate, but for most of us, a couple of hours of television time traded for community service is a worthwhile experience.

Paying to volunteer! What’s that about?

Any volunteer organisation needs to provide services and support to its volunteers – training, insurance, promotional materials and the like.  As a democratic organisation, we also have some costs associated with our decision-making processes at International, National and local levels.

Did you know that when a member of the public donates money to their local Lions Club, every cent goes to where it was promised?  The club does not take even 1%.  Compare that with other organisations.

Lions are immensely proud of the fact that we do not take public donations to cover our operating costs – and its one of the reasons for our reputation in the community.

That is why members pay a small annual membership fee.

What does the Club actually do?

All Lions Clubs subscribe to our Code of Ethics, and are part of an International Organisation, but set their own program independently.  They can support projects that are operated at an international, national and district level – and can create and operate their own projects.  If you have a passion for a project, there is no reason why you cannot try to persuade your Lions Club to support it.

We hope that you consider joining us and any further information can be obtained by contacting our Secretary